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Urban Rest Stop

This week's featured organization is Urban Rest Stop, providing clean, safe facilities for people experiencing homelessness.

The Urban Rest Stop operates three locations in Seattle. Their welcoming facilities for individuals and families have restrooms and showers, as well as laundry facilities, all provided at no cost to patrons.

Unless something happens to stop Trump's proposed budget, programs and agencies that address homelessness will be underfunded, and vulnerable populations across the nation will suffer tremendously.

Entire homelessness agency could be eliminated by Trump's budget cuts [Guardian]

Trump Budget Will Increase Homelessness, End Federal Role in Community Development [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities]

Trump budget cuts amount to ‘a homelessness plan,’ advocates say [ThinkProgress]

Urban Rest Stop provides services in just one city, but they do a lot with a very small budget. The basic, essential services they provide can make the difference between getting a job or not, between staying healthy or not, between feeling dignified or not.

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