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Indigenous Environmental Network

This week's featured organization is the Indigenous Environmental Network, a North American network of indigenous peoples fighting for environmental justice.

Since 1990, IEN has addressed environmental and economic justice issues, protected sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, and health, and built economically sustainable communities. They accomplish this work through organizing campaigns, direct actions and public awareness, developing initiatives to impact policy, and building alliances among indigenous communities.

Protests by indigenous peoples have been in the spotlight since last year's stand against the Dakota Access pipeline, but there are many more sacred lands and sites in danger every day, ravaged by chemical and oil industries, and native voices are needed now more than ever.

'Cancer Alley' residents say industry is hurting town: 'We're collateral damage' [Guardian]

Indigenous Environmental Network On Possible Exit From Paris Agreement

Campaigns operated by the IEN across the US and around the world seek to raise awareness and help native communities whose culture and traditional ways of life have been impacted by environmental issues:

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Twitter: @ienearth

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