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Doctors Without Borders

This week's featured organization is Doctors Without Borders. This international humanitarian aid organization provides medical care where it is needed most, independent from all political, economic, or religious powers.

Also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), they provides assistance to all populations in distress, from victims of natural or man-made disasters to armed conflict.

Most recently, MSF doctors and staff have been busy in Iraq, serving hospitals devastated by the Islamic State, and in Africa, where cholera and malnutrition are putting the health of thousands of people at risk.

Medical Care in Mosul: “There are No Heroes in This Story, Only Victims”

South Sudan: Thousands at Risk of Cholera and Malnutrition After Fleeing Attacks in Yuai and Waat

In addition to their field work, MSF are also active in medical research. Medical data and research results from their field operations are regularly published in the peer-reviewed literature.

To find out how you can help provide humanitarian aid around the world, visit Doctors Without Borders at:

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Twitter: @MSF_USA
Instagram: @doctorswithoutborders

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