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Center for Responsive Politics

This week's featured organization is Center for Responsive Politics. The CRP is our most comprehensive, nonpartisan money-in-politics resource. Through their searchable database, built with publicly available campaign finance data, you can find:

Speaking of influence, much has been made of Trump's inauguration donors - a record amount was given by corporations:

This does not include how the money was spent or whose pockets it went into, but what is clear is that high-dollar donors are getting what they paid for:

Companies That Made Big Donations To Trump Inauguration Are Benefiting From Presidency [Huffington Post]

And several irregularities have been flagged:

Trump Inaugural Committee Falsely Lists Big Donation From "Hidden Figures" Hero [The Intercept]

A Friday night document dump also shows the (very high) net worth of White House officials, how much they made last year, and where their money is parked. CRP has the reports:

The team of researchers at CRP pull together all this public data into a single source, and provide readable charts and database entries make clear how money influences U.S. elections and public policy.

To find out how you can support their work, visit:

Find them on social media at:
Twitter: @opensecretsdc

And finally, if you're interested in finding other organizations focusing on campaign finance, visit this page on finance/