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Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

This week's featured organization is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Since 1904, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been changing children's lives by matching them with caring adults to guide them on a path to success.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a unique one-on-one mentoring program. Children facing adversity are matched with a caring adult in a relationship supported by professional BBBS staff. These adult mentors - "Bigs" - help their "Littles" achieve success in school, avoid risky behaviors, and improve their self-confidence through a regular schedule of outings and get-togethers. These relationships form bonds that change children's lives for the better forever.

Schools and communities across the nation are bracing themselves in anticipation of proposed budget cuts that could eliminate after-school programs and other projects that benefit marginalized kids. If those cuts go through, there's no doubt that children at risk will need nurturing relationships more than ever before.

Bigs come from diverse backgrounds and don't need any special skills. They're not replacement parents - they're just there to positively impact a young person, as a role model and a friend. The time they spend with a Little is about quality, not money, and BBBS staff is always available with ideas and guidance.

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