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Battleground Texas

Despite the unwelcome outcome in the 2016 election, some great things happened in Texas this time around:

  • A record number of Texans registered to vote.
  • A record number of Texans turned out to vote.
  • Trump won Texas by a smaller margin than any other Republican presidential candidate in recent history.
  • Texas had the biggest increase in Democratic performance in the 2016 election of any other state, red or blue.

Since the election, hundreds of Texans have signed up online to volunteer with Battleground Texas, a data-focused, volunteer-driven organization. They train volunteers to organize their communities to win elections for Democrats, and their volunteers spend much of their time registering and turning out Texans to vote for Democrats.

What Battleground Texas does:

  • Train community organizers and other volunteers
  • Facilitate voter registrar training
  • Field questions about voting and voter id laws in Texas
  • Provide training guides for first-time candidates

We know that voting rights will be an issue in the coming elections. With a weakened Voting Rights Act, a new Attorney General with a terrible record on voting rights, and legally questionable id laws still in place in Texas, voters - especially those from minority communities - are going to need someone fighting for them.

Battleground Texas will be on the front lines of getting people registered to vote and getting them out to the polls. If you're in Texas, you can help most by volunteering. They also take contributions to help fund their programs. And they have a store where you can buy cool gear to support them!

To find out how you can get involved, visit them at:

You can also keep up with their latest activity on social media:


And if you're interested in finding other organizations working to protect voting rights around the nation, visit this page on rights/